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Recovery is a Journey, not a destination

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April 30th through May 6th, 2017


Jump start your healing in recovery! Join Celeste Mendelsohn, ERYT and James Leary, DOM in Costa Rica for a week of reconnection to self, through yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and a celebration of recovery at the beautiful Selva Armonia Retreat and the 2017 Costa Rica AA Convention!


Selva Armonia is near the town of Uvita in the midst of a magical rainforest in the sourthern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Near Manuel Antonio and overlooking the Pacific Ocea and the famous Whale's Tale beach, this amazing location will provide us with the soul nourishing setting that will help us to create an unforgettable nourishing experience together.



The focus of this retreat is on yoga practice, meditation, breath work and Qi Gong, helping to release old beliefs and patterns of behavior that hold us back in our lives. It is a spiritual  “Time Out,” giving participants the opportunity to breathe deeply and find union with their own spirit while learning practical but little known natural tools of energetic healing to balance our minds so that they work in harmony with our true intentions.


This retreat is for anyone who has been affected by trauma and addiction or who identifies as an addict in recovery and has had continuous sobriety for at least six months.


We will do a yoga practice every morning, have universal 12-Step meetings, attend workshops on healing from trauma and living a life of abundant joy, learn the art and science of Qi Gong energy healing, while also having plenty of time to explore and enjoy the abundance of the land that is Costa Rica. The food is vegetarian and delicious The rain forest will surround and nourish us and the beach is just down the hill waiting to be explored. Intrepid Explorers can easily arrange tours that include zip-lining, surfing, swimming, waterfalls, horseback riding and hiking through the canopy.



Wah! is an inspirational and talented musician who has worked within the yoga world for many years bringing her light and her understanding of sound healing energetics to adoring fans and clients around the world. We are honored to have her with us for this seminal retreat.



Typical Schedule


7:00-8:00am - Morning Gentle Yoga an Meditation

8:00-9:00am - Breakfast

9:00-12:00pm - Workshop Session 1 (With Celeste or Jim)

12:00-12:30pm - Lunch

12:30-4:30pm  - Free Time (massage treatments, private sessions, napping, adventure!)

4:30-6:30pm - Workshop Session 2 (With Celeste or Jim)

6:30-8:00pm - Dinner

8:00-9:00pm - Lecture & Discussion on Yoga, Breath, Qi, Meditation, or 12-Step meeting, etc.




Cabina with Queen size beds and bathroom

$2400 per person if shared, $2800 single





Cabina with Twin size beds and bathroom

$2400 if shared by two people, $2000 if shared by three people

There are a limited number of cabins available that can hold three people. If this is your choice please book soon.


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Celeste Mendelsohn, ERYT200/RYT500, Yoga Therapist

Celeste Mendelsohn is a Yoga Therapist and Meditation Teacher who specializes in working with people recovering from trauma, ‘codependence’ and addictions. She has learned how to reactivate the connection between the body, mind and spirit that is shut down in people who have lived through repetitive traumatic events and addiction. Her personal journey (as a child experiencing the disease of alcoholism in a parent and her 20 year marriage to an alcoholic addict) has given her a unique perspective on trauma & addiction and treatment and fuels her passion for the work.

Celeste developed Yoga Tarana, which means Yoga for Recovery, through self-study and her work with clients as well as sitting at the feet of some truly gifted yogis and teachers, including certifications with davidji and his Masters of Wisdom and Meditation training; Nikki Myers Y12SR (Yoga for 12 Step Recovery); and Durga Leela, Yoga of Recovery. She holds certifications as an ERYT200/RYT500 through Yoga Madre and an additional 300 hour certification through the Soul of a Yoga. She is working on her thesis for completion of her Yoga Therapy certification with IAYT, pending. Celeste teaches in treatment centers and drug and alcohol rehabs as well as facilitating weekend workshops locally. Beginning in April of 2017 she will be facilitating a recovery retreat in Costa Rica.



James Leary, DOM

Jim Leary, Doctor of Oriental Medicine facilitates healing through gentle and specific touch using techniques from Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong and many other healing

traditions. Emotional energy stored in the cells is moved out of the body through meridian stimulation, cupping, and combining the client’s breath awareness with Dr. Leary’s Qi. Treatments are effective in alleviating physical pain, changing chronic behavioral tendencies, or transmuting unresolved emotional energies in the system. Sessions are clothes–on and last 30-45 minutes.

There are many different types of Qi (life force energy) in the body. Any energy that exists in the universe can be replenished or transmuted using Qi. Qi can be used to heal, manipulate or change internal and external conditions in and around the body. Dr Leary awakens and strengthens a person’s ability to generate Qi for self-renewal.




Q. Who is this retreat for?

A. This retreat is for people who identify as having lived with Chronic Family Trauma (CFT) and/     or as recovering addicts or alcoholics. This is not a sober living or detox retreat so participants should be comfortably sober, meaning at least six months without addictive use of drugs or alcohol. All participants commit to avoiding the use of addictive substances during the retreat.


Q. Can I smoke cigarettes or Vape at the retreat.

A. No, there is no nicotine in any form allowed at the retreat center or on trips with other participants to outside functions. You may not smoke anywhere on the grounds of Selva Armonia.


Q. Do I need experience with Yoga or Chi Gong in order to come on the retreat?

A. No. The yoga will be energizing, but you won’t be asked to become a human pretzel. Modifications are always available and will be taught for any poses that cause you concern or discomfort. Please also fill out the medical questionnaire so that we can plan for any potential physical limitations. The Qi Gong practice should not cause any difficulty for participants.


Q. Can I bring a partner or a friend?

A. If you have a friend or partner who is also in recovery or who has been a support to you, please ask them to apply and include your name on their application. Sharing this transformational retreat with a loved one or close friend will make it even more special.


Q. What is included in the price?

A. The price for the retreat includes your accommodations at Sleva Armonia Retreat Center, all meals, lectures, workshops, Group Yoga and Qi Gong activities, attendance at the 2017 Costa Rica AA Convention is also included, plus a couple of special surprises.


Q. What is not included in this price?

A. Your transportation to and from Selva Armonia both air and ground, any excursions with retreat or activities coordinators, surfing lessons, additional snacks, gift shop purchases and incidentals, massages, or private Qi Gong or TRAYA Chakra healing work are not included. We will plan one evening meal together in town as a group to dine out. You will easily find lovely meals for under $15 US.


Q. What is the weather? Will I need a jacket or sweater?

A. No, Costa Rica is warm being close to the equator. Selva Armonia in the rainforest, so we will probably experience the occasional afternoon rain shower. It’s amazing! Pack light and think comfortable and loose. You will want a bathing suit for swimming in either the ocean or the pool, shorts and a pair of jeans for hiking, comfortable shirts and loose or stretchy clothing for yoga.


Q. What should I bring?

A. Comfortable clothing (see above), slip on shoes and shoes with tread if you plan on hiking or zip lining and your camera! Yoga mats and props are provided.You will not need to bring shampoo and soap, but do bring your own tooth paste and tooth brush. If you forget something you need, any incidentals that are not available in the gift shop can be purchased in town. Bring any medications you need to take in the original containers if possible for Customs, although I have travelled to Costa Rica many times and have occasionally brought things in travel containers and have never had a problem.


Q. Will I need to speak Spanish or have a guide with me?

A. Most people in Costa Rica speak some English. Costa Rica has a 95% literacy rate and English is required in schools. The Costa Rican people are amazingly friendly and warm. They will go out of their way to help you find where you’re going and if you express a desire to learn the language (which is Spanish) they will smilingly lead you through and help you learn.


Q. What about travel, money and vaccines, etc?

A. You will need a valid passport to travel to Costa Rica but you will not need a Visa if you are coming from the US, Canada or the European Union. The drinking water is good though out most of Costa Rica and Selva Armonia is no exception. No additional vaccines are needed. If you are planning to spend some time offsite you may want to get Costa Rican colones, although US dollars are generally accepted inmost places you will visit in the towns of Uvita and Manuel Antonio including at the Selva Armonia Retreat Center and at the hotel hosting the AA Convention.


Q. What about air conditioning?

A. Selva Armonia offers A/C in the rooms. Most common areas ar open air with fans.


Q. Can I stay longer if I want to either at Selva Armonia or at other locations nearby?

A. Yes. If you would like to stay over at Selva Armonia you will need to make those arrangements with the staff prior to arriving as they do book other retreats and private guests immediately before and after our retreat. Currently, there would be availability at Selva but that could change. There are other properties in the area that could also host you. Please check with Selva Armonia staff for recommendations and information.


Q: Where do I fly into? What is the best way to get to Selva Armonia?

A: Two great airport choices in Costa Rica:

– San Jose is about a three hour drive and shuttle service can be arranged with Selva Armonia or you can rent a car and drive yourself. I do not recommend car rental as insurance for rental cars is expensive in Costa Rica. Another inexpensive option is local bus transportation from the airport. If you a seasoned traveler, somewhat bilingual and want to see the country this can be a great option, and also less expensive. Contact Selva Armonia for more information about bus transportation and which buses to take, etc.


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